Best homemade Mackerel fish ( bangda ) tawa fry Recipe

Indian Mackerel (bangda) fish Tawa fry Recipe

What is tawa fry?

Tawa is a flat disc shaped frying pan made from metal. Either from cast iron, sheet iron or aluminum. So tawa fry means frying food items over it using oil on medium to high flame.

Bangda fish in English is called as Mackerel fish. It is very popular in the coastal part of India mainly Maharashtra, Goa, Banglore and other coastal parts.

Mackerel fish fry recipe Indian style  is very easy. You can read the full recipe with step by step instructions, how to fry bangda fish on a tawa with spices.

Bangda fish is full of meats and has bones which can easily be removed. It has a distinct flavour, very tasty and easily digestible.

There are many recipes out there for mackerel fish but my personal favorite  is the shallow tawa fry one. In these recipe you can fry the full fish quite comfortably.

With very few ingredients you can prepare it at home and enjoy your meal. It goes well with both Rotis and Rice.

Steps to make the recipe


How to clean bangda fish

1. First cut and remove the fin of the fish from all sides by using a sharp knife.  Cut the tail part as well.

2. Then  cut and remove the mouth part along with the eyes. You need to cut at around 45 degree angle with the eyes.

3. Remove all the inner organs from inside the belly of bangda fish. Then wash them properly from all sides. Clean inside the belly two to three times with your fingers tips to remove extra dirt.

4. Then make 3 deep incision both side of the fish. It will help to absorb all the ingredients flavours


5. Next fry the curry leaves and let it cool down.


6. Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients one by one. Then add one teaspoon of cooking oil and fried curry leaves to the mixture. Curry leaves gives an aromatic flavour to the fish. Mix well to form a smooth masala mixture like this.


7. Now apply this mixture into the bangda fishes to coat completely. Note that the mixture need to enter inside the incision part as well.


8. Keep the masala coated bangda fish refrigerated for about 60 minutes.

9. Heat 2 teaspoon oil in a heavy cast iron skillet in medium flame. Add two to three pieces of bangda fish in one batch over the tawa and shallow fry them.


10. Repeat the same tawa fry procedure with the remaining fishes in next batches till crisp golden on both sides.

11. Remove them over a kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil  and serve and enjoy the beautiful tasty mackerel tawa fry recipe with your family tonight at your home.

How do you know when Mackerel is cooked?
To check if the Mackerel fish is cooked properly check if the incision mark parts are moist and firm but slightly opaque. You can use a thermometer to check the internal temperature as well to confirm it.

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